The daily companion of your digestion and your microbiota.

Identify what and when to eat, naturally improve your digestion and optimize the balance of your intestinal microbiota, based on an analysis of your breath.

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Addition of bloating and fatigue sensations on the application and Expire sensor displaying the result of an analysis

Your breath says a lot about your digestion

Expire analyzes the air you exhale like a breathalyzer and gives you an indication of the state of your digestion and metabolism through the signature of the gases present in your breath.

Production and analysis of hydrogen, methane and hydrogen sulfide expired gases from digestion


Analyze your digestion anywhere, anytime

Your digestive ecosystem is unique and evolves with your daily life. Expire accompanies you throughout your day to help you make the best choices at any time.

Expire sensor in 3D rendering


Make the connection between what you feel and what you eat

No more guesswork. Sync Expire to the app and discover your interactions between digestion, eating, feelings, sleep and activity.

'Feeling input' screen and 'feeling log' screen of the Expire application

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Get truly personalized dietary advice

Your daily life is unlike any other. Get concrete recommendations tailored to your digestive profile, your lifestyle and your goals.

Expire app 'Coach' screen with food plan, daily tips and ideal plate

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